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This is the page where I will diagram out my varied hobbies and interests. I am not an expert in most of what I'm working on in these pages so if you see anything that I'm doing incorrect, unsafe or just plain wrong. Let me know! I am not perfect, nor a true perfectionist, just a realist. Helping others in ways that I can because I believe in a mankind meaning of the quote, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." - Benjamin Franklin

I must admit, this is also the page that will get me into trouble. My wife thinks I spend too much time away from home as it is. My philosophy is that if you make your goals high, Even if you don't make the climb to the summit of the mountain you can get high enough to improve your view. I think that my wife is partly true but I am working on winning the lottery so I am able to spend more work time having fun and some free time on my hobbies which include(but isn't limited to):

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